Josh Blank, 19

New York City
Washington DC

An avid photographer with a sharp eye for nature. My enthusiasm and passion in photo really stems out from a drive to capture a striking scene, oftentimes unknown ones. It always ends up driving me further and farther. Wildlife and its preservation are imperative to me, but so is capturing time, a relentless force that changes everything around us,

Since birth I have been exposed to various cultures, countries, and even Hollywood movies which have made me eager to explore unfamiliar places throughout the world, and capture environments and scenes that are unique and inspiring.

Fourteen, I went on a family vacation to Argentina, where I first tried my hand with photography. This ignited my passion for more travel.

Growing up, I attended school on the Upper West Side of NYC. My interests in photography developed further in High School from inspiration by photo mentors, Hollywood, and past experiences traveling.

In 2014, I was accepted to travel with National Geographic on an expedition to Iceland (a dream destination of mine). This was a huge accomplishment for my and my family, and just another motive to continue this. Along with my parents’ support, this started to pave way for a future passion. A year later, I traveled again with Natgeo to Ecuador and The Galapagos, later making me more serious in travel planning and guiding tours.

In 2017, I started studying at American University in Washington DC, majoring in journalism at the McKinley School of Communications.

2018 I started my own line of tours and travel opportunities, which are available year round,
With inspiration from my experiences with Nat Geo, and visiting new destinations on my own, I have crafted around 10 unique experiences customized for making memories all around the globe,