Josh Blank, 19

New York City
Washington DC

I am an avid photographer with a sharp eye for nature. My enthusiasm and passion for trying to get that "cool shot" is what always ends up driving me further and further. Wildlife and its preservation are both imperative to me, making me wanting to capture it even more. I seek to capture nature's true beauty through my work.

Constant travel since an early age, and being surrounded by the continuous cultures of my hometown, have rendered me curious and eager to explore unfamiliar places throughout the world. At the age of fourteen, I went to Argentina and first tried my hand with a camera. This ignited my passion for travel photography. I encourage you to watch a short documentary I made called "Photograme."

Since the age of three, I attended The Calhoun School on the Upper West Side of NYC. My interest in photography developed more in High School with inspiration from photo mentors, social media, and past experiences with travel.

In 2014, I was accepted to travel with National Geographic on a expedition to Iceland: a dream destination of mine. This was a huge accomplishment and another motive to continue this hobby. Along with my parents’ support, this started to pave a better path to become a professional photographer and world traveler.

In 2017, I started studying at American University in Washington DC, majoring in journalism at the McKinley School of Communications, while minoring in photography.